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Hot and cold contrast is an ancient tradition proven to help alleviate modern day stress. This healing approach has been used for centuries to aid in the recovery of both mind and body. Bada Bastu is an inclusive and accessible facility; come unwind in a healthy environment and explore the healing effects of sauna and cold plunge.



Our Nordic style bathhouse located in Asheville, NC offers massage therapy which when paired with our HOT COLD RELAX circuit is a truly elevated experience.

Come join us to..

  • Decrease stress, stabilize mood, & improve sleep

  • Detox heavy metals & relax muscle tension

  • Improve endurance & athletic performance

  • Sip warm tea & bliss out



Optimal Living Differs For Everyone

Bada Bastu was created to be a communal house of relaxation and recovery. We care deeply for our community and the individuals who create it. Everyone’s path to a healthier lifestyle is different but we offer our house to be an oasis along the way.