The Short

The short story goes a little something like this. We moved to Asheville NC in September of 2016. Traveled for 6 months of the year visiting spas in Europe and in the United States while living out of our sprinter van. I was looking for a new venture and was constantly complaining to my wife about the lack of sauna inside the sprinter van. Kate eventually got fed up with my childish whining and told me to do something about it. I took the subtle hint and began planning a spa in Asheville. I love hot and cold therapy and Kate loves to relax, what a perfect team. Hot, Cold, Relax, Bada Bastu is born.

We took all our spa experience and designed a place we wanted to hang out with our friends. By combining our personal beliefs with our love for Scandinavian culture and design we created the Bada Bastu look, experience, and company ethos. One Swedish word embodies this best, Lagom: a Swedish term loosely translated as, "not too much, and not too little, but just the right amount" This term was used as a guideline throughout the entire process, from build design to customer experience Bada Bastu is Lagom.



Our Company

Chill by design. Our company is made up of our great services and our great people. We think an authentic quality experience is provided by a happy team of people, that's why we're committed to taking care of our own team first.

Balancing life seems to be a difficult task in our modern society, so let's come together and chill sometimes. Combining the physical and the mental aspects of health by using the traditional hot, cold, relax protocol the body experiences a deeper state of relaxation after undergoing the stress of hot and cold exposure. Hot, cold, relax, is a truly blissful experience that our dog Kai endorses whole heartedly. The muscles, the nerves, and the mind, clear and relaxed.



Bada Bastu uses a lot of resources. To help combat our heavy water and electric use we're committed to going green in as many ways as possible.

  • No single use plastic in the facility (cups or plasticware)

  • We use cotton hand towels and rags (no electric hand dryers or paper towels)

  • Compost service. Cups, lids, tea and other bio waste will be composted monthly.

  • We use Everyone Soaps (Eo) brand. Certified organic manufacturing and a B corp. Read about them here.


Long-Term Goals

  • Add solar to the building in 2020