Welcome! We are not open yet, and apologize for the delay… soon, so soon. (jan 10th?.. ish) maybe limited hours before that.



It’s the holidays so buy the gift of chill vibes, rejuvenation, relaxation, and love. Pure sweet love, it’s for sale right here. USE CODE: BADA10 for 10% off all gift cards.

  • Annual Membership Details Below (4 remaining!)


By purchasing 5 or 10 visits you create an account that holds your credit, spa visits will expire 1 year from purchase date. Passes can not be share at this point.




$35.00      - Single Visit Pass

$65.00      - Single Visit Pass for 2 (Couples Pass)

$130.00    - 5 Visit Pass 

$230.00    -10 Visit Pass

*Sauna & Lounge Single Visit Pass includes an all day visit, use of personal showers, sauna, steam room, cold plunge, cold shower, and lounge areas.

*Walk-in's Only! Call or text ahead to see how busy we are. 828 505 6393



$105.00 - 45 Minutes with Sauna & Lounge

$135.00 - 60 Minutes with Sauna & Lounge

$160.00 - 90 Minutes with Sauna & Lounge

$190.00 - 2 Hours with Sauna & Lounge

*All massages are deep tissue and include a Sauna & lounge Single Visit Pass. If you don’t want deep tissue just let your therapist know what you want.

*Massages by appointment only. Book online or by phone after our opening date.

Annual Membership

12/10/18 UPDATE : 5 Remaining Memberships of 20.

We are offering 20 annual memberships for a super good deal. The price comes out to be $8.33 a visit. We will only offer this price once and only 20 people can purchase it. It can only be purchased with a check after you’ve met us and toured the facility.

$1000.00 annual membership. 10 visits per month. This membership can be shared (meaning 5 visits per person) with a significant other / partner / husband / wife / or bestie. You can also bring any out of town guest, or first time visitors for $25.00 a visit all year. Need to take a month off for travel? No problem, just let us know and we'll get you an extra month.


Get an invite to Bada Bastu soft opening week, here you will be one of the first to experience our services.

By purchasing this annual membership you reserve the right to renew for a second year with the exact same benefits for $1,500.00

Receive all massage services at a 15% discounted rate.

So come check it out we'd be happy to meet in person and show you the vision and explain our services.


Andrew & Kate