Relax the mind - energize the body



In stage one the sauna heat will dilate your blood vessels by increasing your body's core temperature. This process lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow to muscles, joint tissue, and the skin. This step helps remove negative tension held in the body and releases heat shock proteins. 

- Finnish Sauna

- Heated Benches

- Eucalyptus Steam



In the second stage inflammation is decreased as the heart rate increases. Blood is circulated quickly through the core becoming oxygen rich and purified. During cold plunge endorphins are released setting you up for a wonderful period of relaxation to follow.

- Nordic Cooling Shower

- Cold Plunge



By relaxing we allow the body to self regulate temperature and heart rate. We can rehydrate and enjoy the stillness of mind and body. During this stage guests truly feel the benefits of hot and cold therapy.  


- Relax and hydrate 

- Galanter & Jones Heated Benches

- Wooden lounge chairs



Get a rub down. You won't regret it, our masseuses are.... pro status. Book it here.



We offer some super delicious loose leaf and herbal teas. Visit our tea company and free shared working space below the spa.



Enjoy an assortment of what we feel to be the best kombucha on earth. 



Treat the feet! They brought you to our front door, let us thank them. A hot tub of rosemary or mint epsom salt, why not? ($12.00)


Epsom Salt Shower Scrub

We make a variety of epsom salt scrubs to be used during your welcoming shower. Choose a rosemary, rosemary mint, or stick to the classic salt scrub. ($3.00)