Relax the mind - energize the body



In stage one the sauna heat will dilate your blood vessels by increasing your body's core temperature. This process lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow to muscles, joint tissue, and the skin. This step helps remove negative tension held in the body and releases heat shock proteins. 

- Finnish Sauna

- Heated Benches

- Infrared Sauna & Himalayan Salt Sauna (coming July 1st)



In the second stage inflammation is decreased as the heart rate increases. Blood is circulated quickly through the core becoming oxygen rich and purified. During cold plunge endorphins are released setting you up for a wonderful period of relaxation to follow.

- Nordic Cooling Shower

- Cold Plunge



By relaxing we allow the body to self regulate temperature and heart rate. We can rehydrate and enjoy the stillness of mind and body. During this stage guests truly feel the benefits of hot and cold therapy.  


- Relax and hydrate 

- Galanter & Jones Heated Benches

- Wooden lounge chairs



We specialize in deep tissue massage! Our Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists guide you to a natural state of deep relaxation through individualized therapeutic care. Whether you are recovering from a specific injury or simply taking time to relax, we alleviate physical and emotional stress in the body resulting in a deep sense of relief. Massage combined with our Hot Cold Relax cycle is a truly restorative experience. All massage appointments are booked online.

GIFt cards

For friends & half decent lovers! Give an experience based gift that’s healthy, passive, and quite frankly, just lovely.

EpsoM salt footbath

Thank your feet! They brought you here, let us thank them. We have three different salts that can be enjoyed after or before sauna and cold water therapy. $6.00


Come visit for a cup of tea! We stock 20 loose leaf organic teas that can be enjoyed anytime without using the bathhouse.

other yummy drinks

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