Massage Therapy

All massages include a visit to the bathhouse, please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early for intake paperwork. Using the sauna & cold plunge before and after treatment is an elevated experience that detoxes the body and greatly reduces inflammation. Arrive 1 hour early for a round of Hot Cold Relax before treatment.


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Alexis is trained in Esalen Massage, Myofascial Massage and Reflexology, she takes pride in caring for each clients specific needs and makes sure they receive a truly restorative experience. What we like most: Her overwhelming kindness, passion for wellness, and community involvement.

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Shantel also studied Esalen Massage and specializes in low back / sciatica relief. She’s worked as a therapist for 6 years and has picked up a number of skills along the way to help clients achieve a deep state of relaxation. What we like most: Her ability to put people to sleep during an appointment…seriously its voodoo magic.

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Jane is our deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage therapist. She’s an avid fitness enthusiast & coaches at a local gym. Whether it’s deep tissue flow, or a specific issue, Jane wants to apply her skills to get results. What we like most: Her willingness to show up and give it 100%, oh and her tattoos are pretty rad.