Nerd Out

“Nerding Out'“ can be defined as, "Expressing extreme curiosity in a topic or subject matter” Bada Bastu endorses nerding out whole heartedly and is working to build the ultimate rabbit hole of rabbit holes for those looking to bolster their intellect. Specifically, in the fields of sauna, cold plunge, massage therapy, nutrition, meditation, anti aging, recovering from injuries, as well as increasing endurance and performance of both the mind and body. What’s down below is just an itty bitty morsel of intellectual stimuli to get you started.


Proven Health Benefits

Here is the short list of a few of the benefits of hot and cold therapy:

  • Improves lymphatic circulation

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases red blood cell count and growth hormone levels

  • Improves levels of endurance and recovery

  • Increases cardiovascular health

  • Removes heavy metals and toxins

  • Improves sleep and reduces stress

  • Aids in weight loss by increasing resting metabolic rate and burning calories during exposure

pub med & Reading links

Physical Performance: This article outlines a plethora of great information in a very palatable form. Here you can learn about real performance gains in various studies. A must read!

Inflammation: Cold Plunge, it's not for show it's for real. Read a study here done on cold therapy and its effects on inflammation.  

Longevity & Overall Health: Sauna, an overview of all the benefits that science is suggesting.

Mood Stabilization: This 2007 study looks at using cold therapy as a treatment for depression. Check it out.

Mood Stabilization: Winter swimming! Feel good! Have a look.


found my fitness, dr. jari laukkanen with dr. Rhonda Patrick

Jari Laukkanen, M.D., Ph.D is one of the researchers who conducted the largest study on sauna use in Finland. Here Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Jari discus topic's including all cause mortality, alzheimer's, heat shock proteins, growth hormone, and many other proven benefits of sauna.

The tim ferriss show, Dr. Rhonda Patrick 

At 32:37 into the podcast she discusses a question regarding sauna dosage, performance increases and more. You can also listen to this podcast on Tim Ferris show podcast #237.

Dr.Rhonda Patrick collects meta data based on scientific research to "bio hack" the human body. She leads the way in uncovering data regarding sauna and cold therapies. Check out lots of her work here. 


dr. dale bredesen & dr. rhonda patrick

Probably the best video linked…

found my fitness, Wim Hof with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Wim Hof's breathing method has been researched in University studies to show how cold exposure and breath work can influence the autonomic nervous system. Learn about his method here.