welcome to the party


Private Parties

  • Minimum 12 guests $50 / person three hour rental. Includes towels & robes

  • Chair Massage Therapist can be added for $135 / hour with a 2 hour minimum.

  • Epsom salt foot soaks available

  • One of our team will work the event and provide tea and beverage service that can be paid for during / after the party.

  • Contact us at Chill@badabastu.com for all details and available dates.


Corporate Wellness

  • Corporate group rates available for team events or business meetings.

  • Learn about our Wellness Program that includes massage therapy and bathhouse visits for your company and your customers.

  • Investing in the health and wellness of your company can decrease overhead and increase productivity.

  • Contact us at Chill@badabastu.com add “Corporate Wellness” in the subject line.


INvestor Portal

  • Bada Bastu is preparing to expand. We’ve had a tremendous response thus far and look forward to bringing Bada Bastu to more cities next year.

  • We’re looking for impact driven investors whose idea of a successful business is one that considers the social and environmental impacts a business makes on society not just profits. Bada Bastu is compelled to be a leading example of how business can be used to positively influence the health of our envirnment & society.

  • Email chill@badabastu.com and include “Interested Investor” in the subject line to be properly directed.