Pre-Launch Discounted Prices

Welcome! Enjoy discounted pricing! Our estimated opening date is late September. Sauna & Lounge at Bada Bastu includes two hours of...


Hot  Cold  Relax

Pay $100 and receive a $130 gift card (save $30)

Pay $200 and receive a $275 gift card (save $75.00)

Sauna & Lounge - Single Visits - Punch Cards (Two hour visit)

$35.00      - Single Pass

$65.00      - Single Pass for 2 (Couples Pass)

$130.00    - 5 Pass Punch Card

$230.00    -10 Pass Punch Card

Walk in's welcome! You can call or text ahead to see how busy we are.

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Massage Pricing

$105.00 - 45 Minutes with Sauna & Lounge

$135.00 - 60 Minutes with Sauna & Lounge

$160.00 - 90 Minutes with Sauna & Lounge

Don't want to Sauna? Subtract $20.00 from the price.

Don't want deep tissue? Subtract $20.00 from the price.

All massages are deep tissue and by appointment only. Book online or by phone after our opening date.

$1000 Annual Membership

We are offering 20 annual memberships for a super good deal. The price comes out to be $8.33 a visit. We will only offer this price once and only 20 people can purchase it. It sells as a $1000.00 gift card and the formal paperwork will be completed in person during your first visit.

$1000.00 annual membership. 10 visits per month. This membership can be shared (meaning 5 visits per person) with a significant other / partner / husband / wife / or bestie. You can also bring any out of town guest, or first time visitors for $25.00 a visit all year. Need to take a month off for travel? No problem, just let us know and we'll get you an extra month.

You will also be invited to experience the sauna house offerings during the soft opening week.

By making a purchase you've truly helped us and our company. If you want to know more about the company before getting onboard shoot me an email, I'd be happy to meet in person and show you the vision and explain our services.   


Andrew & Kate